Wireless and Mobile Device Security

Wireless and Mobile Device Security

Jim Doherty
ISBN-13: 978-1-284-05927-4
500 pages
© 2015

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The world of wireless and mobile devices is evolving day-to-day, with many individuals relying solely on their wireless devices in the workplace and in the home. The growing use of mobile devices demands that organizations become more educated in securing this growing technology and determining how to best protect their assets. Written by an industry expert, Wireless and Mobile Device Security explores the evolution of wired networks to wireless networking and its impact on the corporate world. Using case studies and real-world events, it goes on to discuss risk assessments, threats, and vulnerabilities of wireless networks, as well as the security measures that should be put in place to mitigate breaches. The text closes with a look at the policies and procedures in place and a glimpse ahead at the future of wireless and mobile device security.

Key Features

  • Incorporates hands-on activities, relevant examples, and realistic exercises to prepare readers for their future careers.
  • Includes detailed case studies drawn from real word events.
  • Discusses the history and evolution of wireless networks
  • Explores the impact of wireless on the corporate world
Chapter 1: Evolution of Wired Networking to Wireless Networking
Chapter 2: Wireless LAN Design & Components
Chapter 3: How Do Wireless LAN Systems Work?
Chapter 4: Hardware and Software Components
Chapter 5: Implementation, Management and Countermeasures
Chapter 6: Risk Assessment
Chapter 7: Threat and Vulnerability Analysis
Chapter 8: Basic Security Measures
Chapter 9: Advanced Security Measures
Chapter 10: Wireless LAN Auditing Tools
Chapter 11: Mobile Communication Security Challenges
Chapter 12: Mobile Device Security Models
Chapter 13: Fingerprinting Mobile Devices
Chapter 14: Policy Considerations and Development
Chapter 15: Mobile Wireless Attacks

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