Applied Labs

Innovative Labs Providing Hands-on Experiential Learning

The Information Systems Security & Assurance Curriculum is available with the new online Virtual Security Cloud Labs, delivered in a first-of-its-kind cloud computing environment using cutting edge technology. These hands-on labs provide a fully immersive mock IT infrastructure enabling students to test their skills with realistic security scenarios; scenarios they will encounter in their future careers.

  • This “Virtual Sandbox” provides students with instant, unscheduled access to 80 virtual labs from a fully hosted environment.
  • Allows students to practice “white hat” hacking on an actual IT infrastructure.
  • Unlike simulations, the Jones & Bartlett Learning Virtual Security Cloud Labs reproduce the complex challenges of the real-world without putting an institutions assets at risk.
  • As part of a blended solution, these labs are an essential tool for catalyzing key course concepts through hands-on training.
  • This style of engaging experiential learning is proven to deliver the highest retention among all training methodologies.

NEW! With the new Virtual Security Cloud Labs 3.0, students will be able to take advantage of new features and functionalities, including:

  • NEW Content – All 80 Virtual Security Cloud Labs have been expanded to include a new Applied Learning section and updated Lab Challenge and Analysis section to supplement the existing Hands-On Demonstration
  • NEW Lab Environment –Including Progress Tracking, Collapsible Lab Frame, and System Checker
  • NEW Saved States Feature – No more worrying about completing each lab in one sitting! Students now have the opportunity to save their work before exiting a virtual lab, then return to it later
  • Updated Software – The 3.0 environment includes updates to the latest Operating Systems and Software, including Windows Server 2016, Nessus Vulnerability Scanner, P2 Commander, Wireshark, and more


Course Hands On Lab Paper Based Lab
Fundamentals of Information Systems Security 10 0
Managing Risk in Information Systems 0 10
Internet Security: How to Defend Against Attackers on the Web 10 0
Network Security, Firewalls, and VPNs 10 0
System Forensics, Investigation, and Response 10 0
Hacker Techniques, Tools, and Incident Handling 10 0
Access Control, Authentication, and Public Key Infrastructure 10 0
Security Policies and Implementation Issues 0 10
Security Strategies in Windows Platforms and Applications 10 0
Security Strategies in Linux Platforms and Applications 10 0
Legal Issues in Information Security 0 10
Auditing IT Infrastructure for Compliance 0 10